2017-05-17 / INTERNET
While turning https on, order process stopped working with the message:  “Sorry, your session has expired. Return to the home page.” 
2015-04-09 / INTERNET
A decade ago choosing the hoster from the point of view of the database was simple. You just needed to find the offer with PostgreSQL. MySQL was fast and popular, but these were all its pros. 
2015-03-15 / INTERNET
We log-in on the web site. The system checks what grants our account has and sets appropriate session variables. Since then we have (or have not) access to the various functions and information. Doesn't such procedure look familiar to you? 
2015-03-12 / INTERNET
Banner blindness is a well reckognized phenomena. Even though it is being associated with a laboratory and a sophisticated eye-tracking system, it sometimes can be found in a wild. 
2015-03-06 / COMPUTERS
Today's work was ruled by images. Or actually by people, internet and technology boiled up to the one crucial point: the clear (or not so clear) communication.  tel. +48 501 741 654