2015-03-06 / COMPUTERS
Today's work was ruled by images. Or actually by people, internet and technology boiled up to the one crucial point: the clear (or not so clear) communication. 
2015-03-03 / INTERNET
It is good to know not only how much, but also for what you pay. Tons of offers and marketing departments creativity do not make the issue clear. Let's try to order it for ourselves in a short and simple way. 
2015-02-27 / INTERNET
The previous entry (about „German scientists” spam) has not yet cooled down, yet I bumped into another related incident. 
2015-02-24 / PEOPLE
Some mailboxes I use are lately flooded with messages about German scientists' innovative software. This software earns money on a stock exchange, and once I register myself (registration is free, of course) I'll be filthy rich. 
2015-02-20 / INTERNET
While fulfilling the „Realizations” section, I took the opportunity to check what is going on with all these webpages I lately hammered out. Are they still available, up-to-date, frequently visited? And, last but not least, what is the average lifespan of a web service?  tel. +48 501 741 654